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Archives - Oct 2012

i-Tree Version 5 Released
posted Oct 03, 2012 02:56 PM by dhartel

If you have i-Tree installed just start any module (e.g. Eco) and then Help->Upgrade; otherwise visit i-Tree, login, and download.

This latest upgrade to the i-Tree software suite introduces cutting-edge features and new enhancements:

Web-based Data Collection

Canadian & Australian Improvements

i-Tree Design

  • Integrated i-Tree Forecast function for projecting tree benefits in future years
  • Ability to add multiple trees around a parcel
  • Functionality for Canadian users
  • Display of priority planting zones based on net tree benefits

i-Tree Canopy

  • Project area delineation tool; alleviates the need for importing GIS shapefiles
  • Process for Google Earth historical image canopy change analysis option
  • Enhanced reporting options

i-Tree Eco

  • New web-based data collection system for mobile devices
  • Google Maps-based sample plot generator for simple random plot creation
  • New pest risk analyses based on host susceptibility, pest/disease range and structural value
  • Updated ecosystem services valuation using EPA's Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP)
  • BenMAP estimation of public health incidence reduction and economic benefits based on air quality improvements attributed to trees
  • Eco inventory report enhancements, including building-energy effects for individual trees
  • Rainfall interception reporting for plot-based and complete inventory projects
  • Reporting for standard PM2.5 (air particles less than 2.5 micrometers) and biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions
  • Complete i-Tree Pest Detection Protocol reporting
  • Expanded Australian and new Canadian functionality

i-Tree Vue

  • New summary reports for land cover statistics and analysis options
  • Land cover change tool for updating NLCD pixel classification
  • General user interface refinements

i-Tree Streets

  • Web-based data collection system for mobile devices
  • General user interface refinements and functional improvements based on user feedback

i-Tree Hydro

  • i-Tree Hydro refinements will be released as a version 5.0 upgrade in the near future

Learn more at http://itreetools.org/

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