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Technology Transfer Resources

Planting the Seeds of Success: Marketing the Community Forest
This handbook provides a strategy to obtain support from local government, shareholders, and the public for improving the urban forest.
Houston East End Students Leverage Environmental Education to Transform an Urban Food Desert into a Food Forest
This case study highlights a 2013 NUCFAC-recommended USDA Forest Service grant, Greenschools!: Model for Green Communities
Vegetation Risk Management Plan Template - with Attachment
The Vegetation Risk Management Plan (VRMP) is developed as a tool to help increase public safety after a storm event, maintain optimum urban tree canopy, promote tree health, provide for effective emergency and arboricultural management, and decrease emergency management costs.
Georgia Urban Forestry Innovation Award: Guidance for selecting a project
A description of the 2014 Georgia Science and Engineering Fair special award in urban forestry.
A worksheet that incorporates ANSI A300 Part 9 Scope of Work requirements and field data collection for Level 1 tree risk assessments.
Tree Board Press Kit
Designed for community tree boards and tree advocacy groups. Includes a press release template. Word document version available from the publisher (see URL below).
An Urban Tree Canopy QAQC Process
Urban tree canopy (UTC) classification workflow for a QA/QC review.
Urban Tree Risk & Disasters – Assessment, Planning and Recovery
The webinar presentation that summarizes the results of the Vegetation Risk Management Plan (VRMP) designed to mitigate the cost of debris removal and minimize future emergency and disaster costs as it relates to tree and vegetative debris.
Soil Organic Carbon Stocks are Larger than Expected in Urban Ecosystems
This case study highlights a 2012 NUCFAC-recommended USDA Forest Service grant, Carbon Sequestration and Resiliency of the Urban Forest
Data Model for GIS Database Management and i-Tree Eco (FGDB Schema)
The schema for Georgia Tech's Center of GIS data model that supports i-Tree Eco in a file geodatabase or ArcSDE format.
Community Forest Storm Mitigation Planning for Georgia Communities
Workbook and template to guide community planning and preparation for urban tree mitigation prior to natural disasters
Level 1 Tree Risk Assessment Field Worksheet
An example worksheet for collecting Level 1 tree risk data based on ANSI A300 Part 9 and the ISA BMP.
From Forests to Table
Connecting Southeastern Forests to Local/Regional Food Systems
Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund
Join MAC-ISA and Trees Virginia in a lasting tribute to Dr. Bonnie Appleton’s contributions to horticulture and arboriculture education and research. The Bonnie Appleton Memorial Fund was recently established at the TREE Fund to honor Dr. Appleton’s passion and advocacy for horticulture and arboriculture education and research.
Minnesota Forest Pest First Detector Manual
Booklet describing key information necessary for identifying emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, Asian longhorned beetle, Sirex woodwasp, and thousand cankers disease of walnut.
VRMP Verification and Inspection Worksheet
An Execl spreadsheet that can be used as a template for creating the UTRI field inspection worksheet.
10 Guiding Principles for Successful Ordinances
Outlines criteria for developing tree ordinances.
The Right Tree Brochure
16 Less Common Trees for Utah Landscape: Diversifying Utah's Community Forests
1995 Northeast Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Program
1997 Northeast Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Program
1998 Northeast Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Program
1999 Northeast Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Program
2000 Northeast Pennsylvania Urban Forestry Program
Roadmap to Tree Planning and Planting in Dallas, TX
To develop a model that will identify and prioritize tree planting sites using GIS & remote sensing technologies and environmental factors.
30 Reasons Why You Should Plant Trees in New Jersey
9 Things You Should Know About Trees
"9 suggestions for properly planting and caring for trees."
Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia
Linking Girls to the Land
Planting Trees and Shrubs for Long-term Health
Large Trees for Kentucky Landscapes
Memo to Region 8 U&CF Coordinators: FIA and Urban Forest Inventories
Memo to Region 8 U&CF Coordinators: Summary of FIA Briefings
The Community Forest
AHS Heat Zone Map
Spirit of the Trees
The Forest Where Ashley Lives
Virginia Tech Utility Line Arboreta Inventory (August 2004)
Developing a Utility Line Arboreta
Utility Line Arboreta
California tree ordinances are tough love for property owners
[Publisher name has changed to Tree Care Industry Association]
A systems approach to tree care
Introducing Cool Communities
Wyomissing Pennsylvania street tree management plan
Urban tree management/information system review
Overview of Newark, New Jersey's Tree management program
Restoring trees, rebuilding pride in communities: The Municipal Tree Restoration Program
Overview of Pennsylvania's Municipal Tree Restoration program
Integrated pest management
A new era in urban forestry
Benefits from street tree inventories, management plans, and computerized management information systems
Using trees to reduce energy consumption
How a tree increases home value
How valuable are your trees?
Forestry today...urban forestry
A look at Urban Forestry in 2004
Municipal tree management in New Jersey
The trees on the street where you live
A common sense approach to street tree inventories
Discusses the forestry program in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tree fertilization: an arborist's perspective
Condition report for urban trees
Using or selling all of your street waste: strategies that cut costs
An Initial Storm Damage Assessment Protocol for Urban and Community Forests
Tree Emergency Manual for Public Officials
Preserving Trees in Construction Sites
Trees as Capital Assets
Pilot Test: Statewide Urban Forest Assessment (Indiana's Urban Forest)
Connecting people with ecosystems in the 21st century: an assessment of our nation's urban forests
Urban Forestry: The Position of the Society of American Foresters
Urban and Community Forestry in Oregon: Results of the 2004 City Survey
Environmental Service-Learning
Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) Field Data Collection Procedures for the "Houston Green" Study
STEMS Installation and User Manual (Beta)
International Tree Failure Database - Report Form
Status of the International Tree Failure Database
Internet URLs for U&CF Journal Abstracts
Making Our Urban Forests Safer
Going Green
Urban Forestry South Expo Content Summary
Effective Landscaping: Kansas Landscape Plants
Municipal Forestry Annual Expenditures Survey (Region 8)
Project Summary: Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) Model
Kansas Forest Service 2003 Recognition for Tree City Communities and Tree Line USA
An Urban and Community Forestry Research and Education Agenda for Oregon
A Handbook for Tree Board Members
Urban Forestry South Presentation to WO Review Team (PDF Version)
Brown Makes Green: Soil and Trees
Green Buffers for Urban Noise Reduction
Urban Tree Risk & Disasters:VRMP & UTRI - Archived Webinar 2
The second webinar discussing the Vegetative Risk Management Plan (VRMP) and the Urban Tree Risk Index (UTRI) GIS model.
Gravel Bed Tree Planting Series – Growth Data by Planting Date
Timing of out-planting trees from a gravel bed has been shown to have an impact on diameter growth. Out-planting later in the growing season allows bare-root trees to establish root systems through fall, giving the trees a head start on diameter growth the following growing season compared to trees planted during the winter months.
Python Tools Developed for GIS Database Management and i-Tree Eco
Georgia Tech's Center for GIS has developed Python tools for the GIS data model that automates the export of inventory data to i-Tree Eco and the subsequent import of the environmental services results.
Data Model for GIS Database Management and i-Tree Eco (Complete Package)
The entire package to implement Georgia Tech's Center for GIS extensible GIS data model to support the 100% inventory of campus trees to the i-Tree Eco protocol.
Urban Forestry Annotation of the NDRF Continuum
Illustrates the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) Recovery Continuum of Activities (Page 8; Figure 1) with relevant urban forestry and UFST activities.
Targeted Urban Forestry Investments Create Community Benefits and Jobs
This case study highlights a 2015 NUCFAC-recommended USDA Forest Service grant, Evaluating the Job-Creation and Community Social and Economic Benefits of Urban Forestry and Related Green Infrastructure
Urban Tree Risk & Disasters:VRMP & UTRI - Archived Webinar 3
The third webinar discussing the Vegetative Risk Management Plan (VRMP) and the Urban Tree Risk Index (UTRI) GIS model.
Urban Forest Sustainability and Management Review - Factsheet
A one page factsheet describing the UFSMR.
U&CF Hashtags for Social Media
A preliminary list of social media hashtags suggested for urban and community forestry, interface forestry, and conservation education.
Urban Forest Management Plan Writing Tool User's Guide
This document explains how to use the on-line Urban Forest Management Plan Writing Tool.
Summary of Urban Citizen Forestry Programs
A summary of 22 citizen forestry programs in the US.
Urban Tree Risk Index Model - Narrative Discussion
This is short discussion of the assumptions, development, and use of the UTRI GIS model for disaster planning use.
GIS Tools and Domains for Urban Forestry
A handout for the 10th Southern Forestry and Natural Resource Management GIS Conference, December 7-8, 2015, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Athens (GA) presentation by Rama Sivakumar and Dudley Hartel.
LEAF Summit - UCF Focus Perspective and Human Health
USDA FS national approach to interpreting and using urban forest research (the national technology & science delivery team) – with trees and human health as the focus.
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