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Case Studies

New concepts are easier to explain with examples. This set of 15 case studies provides short descriptions of utilities, industries, and facilities that are using or planning to use wood for energy. Interviews were conducted with employees at each facility to obtain this information. We tried to portray the challenges as well as the benefits of this system to make the opportunities as realistic and as useful as possible.

Burning Sawdust for Heat and Power
Challenges of Obtaining a Wood Supply
Co-firing with Wood and Sugarcane Waste
Co-firing with Wood and Switchgrass
Converting from Natural Gas to Waste Wood
Forest Industry Creates Its Own Power
Innovative Fuel Sources Generate Success
Powering the Grid with Waste
Power to the People
Using a Mix of Fuels to Produce Heat and Power
Waste-to-Energy Program
Wood and Paper Trim the Energy Bill
Wood Power Heats a Public School
Wood-powered Whiskey
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