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Other Urban Trees and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Material

Give Me the Numbers: How Trees and Urban Forest Systems Really Affect Stormwater Runoff (Presentation Notes)
Presentation notes from presentation given by Aarin Teague and Eric Kuehler at StormCon 2016 Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN on August 23, 2016. read more...
Stormwater Management Benefits of Trees
The benefits of trees as stormwater management practices, especially in urban and suburban settings, have recently been more widely recognized. Here, we summarize recent work describing and quantifying the stormwater management benefits of trees, especially at the individual tree and property/site ... read more...
Urban Runoff Pollutant Removal of Three Engineered Soils
Looks at pollutant removal for 3 common engineered soils. read more...
Incorporating Forestry into Stormwater Management Programs: State of the Science and Business Model Evaluation for Nutrient Reduction and Volume Control
The overall goal of this project was to document the contribution of urban tree systems to stormwater nutrient and volume control in terms of their effectiveness at various scales, cost, desirability, and practicality.
Evaluating Stormwater Benefits of Atlanta's Urban Forest
This is a Featured Article in the January 2020 Stormwater Magazine expounding on a presentation given by Amanda Medori Hallauer and Eric Kuehler at the 2019 StormCon annual conference in Atlanta, GA.
The Effects of Trees on Stormwater Runoff
This report summarizes the results of a literature review done for Seattle Public Utilities in 2008 of research conducted to quantify the effect of trees on stormwater runoff. read more...
Urban Watershed Forestry Manual: Part 1
A Compendium of Urban Water Management Developments in Southeast Louisiana
This publication released by the Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition describes the need for managing (not controlling) stormwater, making space for and living with water, and working with hydrologic cycles in South Louisiana.
Ahead of the Curve – Implementing Green Infrastructure in Rural and Growing Communities
This webcast will showcase two communities, Monona, Iowa and Clarkesville, Georgia, that are ahead of the curve in using green infrastructure to address some of their stormwater management challenges.
Green Infrastructure Opportunities that Arise During Municipal Operations
This document provides approaches local government officials and municipal program managers in small to midsize communities can use to incorporate green infrastructure components into work they are doing in public spaces. The guide demonstrates ways inwhich projects can be modified relatively ...
Making Urban Trees Count: Pollutant Load Reduction Credit Tool
CREDITING FRAMEWORK PRODUCT #4 of Making Urban Trees Count: A Project to Demonstrate the Role of Urban Trees in Achieving Regulatory Compliance for Clean Water read more...
Stormwater Goes Green: The Benefit and Health of Trees in Green Stormwater Infrastructure
This webcast was delivered on Jan. 29, 2018 by Andrew Tirpak through Forester University. It describes some of his research results looking at trees in bioretention practices in TN and NC.
Coastal Stormwater Management Through Green Infrastructure - A Handbook for Municipalities
This manual provides resource managers with a proven approach to planning for green infrastructure implementation.
Give Me the Numbers: How Trees and Urban Forest Systems Really Affect Stormwater Runoff (Manuscript)
Article published in Stormwater Magazine on-line October 2016 taken from a manuscript submitted for the StormCon 2016 Proceedings.
Give Me the Numbers: How trees and urban forests really affect stormwater runoff
This archived webinar, and supporting materials, was presented on February 8, 2017.
Green Infrastructure
The Environmental Protection Agency has an extensive website dedicated to Green Infrastructure including basics of GI, tools, case studies, research, and contacts.
Green Values Stormwater Toolbox
Information for using trees as a BMP in the MIDS calculator
Discusses requirements and recommendations for using trees as a BMP in the MIDS calculator
MIDS (Minimal Impact Design Standards) Calculator
The calculator was developed to assist designers and regulators in determining conformance to the MIDS performance goals. The MIDS BMP calculator is a tool used to determine stormwater runoff volume and pollutant reduction capabilities of various low impact development (LID) BMPs.
Minnesota's Stormwater Manual
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's stormwater manual wiki.
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