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Python Tools Developed for GIS Database Management and i-Tree Eco

Georgia Tech's Center for GIS has developed Python tools for the GIS data model that automates the export of inventory data to i-Tree Eco and the subsequent import of the environmental services results.

The Python tools developed by Georgia Tech's Center for GIS are discussed in this technology transfer resource.  These tools make it possible to use a standard GIS database management environment (e.g. check out & check in data for updates to an ArcSDE or file geodatbase) while still providing easy access to the environmental services calculated and reported by i-Tree Eco.

The entire package includes:

  1. The file geodatabase, iTreeEco.gdb
  2. Database tools, Python scripts and toolbar
  3. Tutorials for: the geodatabase and the tools
  4. A tutorial database

In addition, Urban Forestry South has used ArcGIS Diagrammer to document the FGDB.

Use the following search terms (individually or together) to locate project components:

  • FGDB
  • GaTech
  • Data model
  • Python
R. Sivakumar, R. Bowman, M. Sethuraman
Date Published
August 2015
GaTech Center for GIS
Atlanta, Georgia
Tutorial - iTree Eco Python Tools
Resource Format
Model Project/Program
Environmental Services, Urban Forest Management, GIS/Mapping
Python, GaTech, Data model, FGDB
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UFS - drh
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