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Data Model for GIS Database Management and i-Tree Eco

Georgia Tech's Center for GIS has developed an extensible GIS data model to support the 100% inventory of campus trees to the i-Tree Eco protocol.

This technology transfer resource is a tutorial that covers the setup and use of the file geodatabase (FGDB) developed to support i-Tree Eco 100% inventories.  GaTech developed and uses a series of tools and protocols to maintain a campus tree inventory (11,000+ trees) to support their Tree Campus USA designation.

The ArcSDE geodatabase and all of the power and capabilities of ArcGIS can be used in a standard GIS database management environment (e.g. check out & check in data for updates) while still providing easy access to the environmental services calculated and reported by i-Tree Eco.

The file geodatabase can be altered to add additional attributes needed for a custom implementation of an inventory to support data needed for your urban forest management program.

The entire package includes:

  1. The file geodatabase, iTreeEco.gdb
  2. Database tools, Python scripts and toolbar
  3. Tutorials for: the geodatabase and the tools
  4. A tutorial database

In addition, Urban Forestry South has used ArcGIS Diagrammer to document the FGDB.

Use the following search terms (individually or together) to locate project components:

  • FGDB
  • GaTech
  • Data model
  • Python
R. Sivakumar, R. Bowman, M. Sethuraman
Date Published
August 2015
GaTech Center for GIS
Atlanta, Georgia
Tutorial - iTree Eco Geodatabase
Resource Format
Model Project/Program
Research (applied), Urban Forest Management, Environmental Services, GIS/Mapping, Data
Python, Data model, ArcGIS, GaTech, FGDB
Indexed By
UFS - drh
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