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This virtual library holds a wide range of urban forestry resources including: research abstracts and full text journal articles, trade magazine articles, CDs, other technology transfer resources, books (or chapters of books), patents, ordinances, theses and dissertations, and conference proceedings.

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It's a Neighborhood Now: Practicing Forestry at the Urban Fringe
Are urban green spaces optimally distributed to act as places for social integration?
Some implications of public involvement in hardwood management
Tree hazard assessment program in San Francisco
Oak tree ordinances
Value of oaks in rural subdivisions
Estimating the demand for urban forest recreation sites
Urban forestry in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets: An account of the European urban forestry project sponsored by the EEC
Land use and amenity trees in urban Hong Kong
Promoting urban forestry through the urban planning process
Controlling the roots of urban trees
Utility line clearance in our urban forests
A guide to contracting for municipal tree maintenance services
Influence of water stress and restricted root volume on growth and development of urban trees
The role of water stress in tree growth
Soil moisture and absorption of water by tree roots
Urban Trees and Traffic Safety: Considering U.S. Roadside Policy and Crash Data
Particulate pollution capture by urban trees: effect of species and windspeed
Herbicide Transport in a Restored Riparian Forest Buffer System
Interception of tropical rain forest - performance of a canopy water balance model
Structural Soil Investigations at Cornell University
Compendium of elm diseases
Survey of urban tree programs in the United States
The urban climate
Environmental attitudes, knowledge and behavior of urban Americans
Greenstreets; the street tree plan for Oakland: A report to the city of Oakland
Cool Trees: Surviving Cold Temperatures
An Ophiostoma species and Xyleborus glabratus Threaten Red Bay (Persea borbonia) and Other Members of the Lauraceae in the Southeastern USA
"Extensive mortality of red bay (Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng) has been observed in maritime forests of the southeastern United States since 2003. Trees exhibit wilt-like symptoms and a black discoloration of the sapwood. read more...
Wood utilization in the city of Chicago
Urban forest resource inventories: A community based approach
Wound closure in trees affected by paclobutrazol growth regulator
Utilizing natural controls to minimize urban environmental impacts: riparian reforestation
Values and perspective of land use change along the urban-wildland fringe
Urban forestry: what we can learn from cities around the world
Using the best to make it better: applying the best practices of urban and community forestry to make cities livable and sustainable: the T.R.E.E.S. project
Urban and community forestry in the United Kingdom
The Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) model: quantifying urban forest structure and functions
Dealing with tree roots and concrete: the Sunnyvale (California) experience
Redwood City, California's tree preservation and sidewalk repair program
Strategies to reduce infrastructure damage by tree roots
Using tree stand health indices for the environmental impact assessment of industrial area in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine
Utilization of commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculants in ornamental and woody plants production in nursery
Urban trees and air pollution
Wind stability analysis of urban trees
Urban tree health in Budapest
Urban horticulture and the management of urban tree health
Urban forestry for the new millennium
Trees and development in the city - the Edinburgh experience
Urban forestry in South Africa - from townships to towns
Urban forestry in Ireland - the way ahead
Urban woodlands - a vision for greener towns and cities
Urban forestry landscapes - progressing the social agenda
Urban forest information and management system in Seoul (Korea)
Trends in urban forestry practices, programs, and sustainability: contrasting a Pennsylvania, U.S., study
Urban forestry in Sweden from a silvicultural perspective
Wind mitigation and microclimate mitigation using vegetation and landform
Valuation of urban forest amenities in Finland
Urban forestry in the Republic of Ireland
Urban forestry development in the Republic of South Africa - The social aspects
Water supply for large tree transplantation
Underlying beliefs and attitudes about topping trees
Stump Removal: Selected Bibliography
Stress, Pests & Injury In Redbay (Persea borbonia)
Redbay (Persea borbonia) is a medium sized tree of the deep coastal plain woodlands. Redbay is a member of the Laurel family, one of the more primitive angiosperms families. read more...
Selected References For Redbay (Persea borbonia)
Redbay (Persea borbonia) has become the center of discussions regarding exotic pests invading native forests and changing the forestís ecological complexion and destroying a cultural heritage. This publication provides a list of selected references which can help frame information about redbay, as ... read more...
Redbay Wilt Risk Assessment Map For Georgia
Risk assessment for Ophiostoma / Xyleborus glabratus range expansion based upon combined climatic data (temperature, precipitation, and evaporation -- 30 year averages) and susceptible species present (Laurel family genera included were Cinnamomum, Lindera(3), Litsea, Persea (2), and Sassafras). read more...
Managing Light Resources In Tree / Turf Culture
Important Literature On Tree / Turf Culture
Identification & Silvics of Ginkgo
Tree roots in the Danish sewer system
Costs due to conflicts between street tree root growth and hardscape
The impact of park trees on microclimate in urban areas
Denuding Communities: Tree Canopy Loss Calculations & Public Perceptions
For many communities, self-image is centered around their trees and green spaces. Communities compromise between greenspace and economic development. read more...
Cultural Aspects of Trees: Traditions and Myths
Amenity Trees: Defining Concepts In Use
Field assessment of soil factors contributing to sidewalk damage by tree roots
The post-romantic landscape of Telford New Town
This paper "focuses on the design and early management of the landscape/urban forestry structure of the town, and the lessons that can be learned from its 'post-romantic' landscape. The paper concludes with an argument for improving the image and marketing of the urban forestry approach to urban ...
Changing climate and the effects on vegetation in central European cities
Trees And Humankind: Cultural And Psychological Bindings
Tree Technical Manual
Tree Heat Stress Syndrome
Georgia can have many hot days during the year. From the North Georgia mountains to the coast, these large heat loads can influence plant growth. Figure #l ; Figure #2. Trees and shrubs generally have optimum growing conditions across the range of temperatures from 70°F to 85°F Hot temperatures can ... read more...
Tree Growth Rate: Area Increase Table
Stress & Pest Impacts On Oxydendrum arboreum / Sourwood
Sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum) is a native tree in forest areas of the Eastern United States. It can be found in other locations as landscape specimens in gardens and arboretums. read more...
Select Native Flowering Trees of Georgia
Parking Lot Shade
This is the final report on a study to determine the amount of VOC reduction from parking lot shade (i.e. parked vehicles) in Illinois (US). read more...
Ecological Restoration: A Selected Bibliography
Ecological restoration is a critical component of addressing urban sites. Community forestry includes a strong management requirement for proper, ecological literate renovation of damaged or exhausted sites. This publication provides an entry into the literature from 1996 and older. read more...
Ecological Renovation In Communities: Conceptual Underpinnings
The places where we live remain connected to natural life support processes. With land development, safety, and cultural issues, these lifelines become more strained. As we cleanse and sterilize our environment, the connections with other life, and associated sustaining processes, diminish. Our ... read more...
Determining Tree-Available Water In Soils of Different Textures
Public Attitudes Toward Urban Trees and Supporting Urban Tree Programs
Environment and Behavior, Vol 39 No 6, November 2007
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