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Urban Forestry Manual (d) - The Role of the State Forestry Agency in Urban Forestry

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Book (Chapter)

The State forestry agency offers many resources and opportunities for working with communities. Population growth, urbanization, and changes in land use underscore the need for communities to manage their urban forest. As an employee of the State forestry agency, you are in a unique position to provide information and assistance to communities in your State.

This unit first reviews the reasons that your State forestry agency is involved in urban forestry and the types of assistance that can be provided. The following section is about the importance of partnerships to the State urban forestry program. The final section describes the different responsibilities State forestry agency employees have in delivering the urban forestry message to communities.

Date Published
Urban Forestry Manual
Ingrid Sather, Ed Macie, Dudley R. Hartel
USDA Forest Service
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Athens, GA
Southern Center for Urban Forest Research & Information
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Communications, Partnerships, Working with the Public, Urban Forest Management, State U&CF Program
Environmental education, Forestry Commission, State agency, UF Manual, Urban Forestry Manual
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