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Quantifying the benefits of urban forest systems as a component of the green infrastructure stormwater treatment network
The purpose of this literature review is to highlight the limited research performed, document areas of need for quantifying the benefits of urban trees for stormwater management, and provide a basis for providing credits for trees in stormwater designs.
US Urban Forest Statistics, Values, and Projections
Urban & community forestry research article from the Journal of Forestry showing trends and projections in urban land expansion from 2000 to 2060. Information in this paper provides an estimate of the magnitude and variation of the urban forest resource nationally, its likely expansion in the ... read more...
Effects of distributed and centralized stormwater best management practices and land cover on urban stream hydrology at the catchment scale
This is a paired watershed research study to compare stormwater management strategy effects, including riparian buffer and tree canopy cover, on urban hydrology.
A partial bibliography on salt in the environment, especially salt effects on trees (through 1975)
Integrated pest management for arborists: Implementation of a pilot program
Stress related to diseases
Diseases of maples in eastern North America
Wound healing in bark of woody plants
Costs of Dutch elm disease management in Wisconsin communities
Available treatments for tree wounds: An assessment of their value
An annotated bibliography of oak wilt, 1943-80
What's wrong with my shade tree?
Nutrition of broadleaved amenity trees. II. Fertilisers
Improved trunk injection for control of Dutch elm disease
Implementing landscape plant management programs in institutional and residential settings
Estimation of tree preservation costs on urban residential lots in metropolitan Atlanta
Wound dressings: Results of studies over thirteen years
Tree decay and pruning
Response of honeylocust cultivars to air pollution stress in an urban environment
Tree and shrub fertilization
Stem decay in Central Park
Soil management in urban forestry
Land use planning at the urban/forest interface
Land use and forest resources in a changing environment: The urban/forest interface
Forest area characteristics for metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of three northeastern states of the United States
Strategies for dealing with the urban/forest interface: the recent California experience
Economics and land allocation at the urban/forest interface
Forests in an urban civilization: Land use, land markets, ownership, and recent trends
Public and private allocation of urban forest resources
Forestry serving urbanised societies: IUFRO European Regional Conference, in collaboration with EFI
URFOR/SIMULATION: An urban forest management simulation/game
Influence of adjacent land use on understory vegetation of New York forests
Neighborhoods as stands in the urban forest
Environmental management through urban forestry on the hillsides of Cincinnati, Ohio
Modern city planning and street trees--their historical development in Japan
Central Park, New York: A management survey of an urban forest
Managing the urban/forest interface: A view from forest industry
Maintaining and preserving wooded parks
Implications of contemporary organization and social values for forest management on the residential/wildland interface
Municipal forest management: A Massachusetts survey
Urban forestry: history and introduction
Silviculture at the urban/forest interface
Status and operating costs of selected, municipally-owned tree nurseries in the northeast United States
Private trees and public interest: Programs for protecting and planting trees in metropolitan areas
Sacramento: City of trees
Pietermaritzburg: The garden city of Natal
Urban forestry in southeastern New York State, USA
Two approaches for the study of a peri-urban landscape: graphic modelling and realistic computer visualisation
Urban forestry in the Chicago suburbs
Municipal tree management in New Jersey
Urban biology: The Missouri prototype
Guidelines for using homeowner's trees in urban research
Urban Forestry
Urban forestry, Jan. 1982-Dec. 1983
Spatial distribution of declining urban maples
Urban islands: Who will maintain them?
Island and median-strip planting
The urbanisation of wildlife management
Design for survival
New choices for urban islands
An evaluation method for amenity trees
A handbook of information for tree wardens and city foresters
Ecology of the urban forest: Part I: Structure and composition
The external signs of decay in trees. 2d ed
Urban forestry American style
Urban and community forestry as the American Forestry Association sees it
Urban and community forestry: Where are we going?
Urban forests, where trees and people go together
Investigating concepts for describing urban forest management actions
Arboriculture: Care of trees, shrubs, and vines in the landscape
Management techniques for utility tree maintenance
Arboriculture in the urban area
Urban forestry and entomology: A current appraisal
Information transfer in urban pest management
Urban and suburban trees: Pest problems, needs, prospects, and solutions. Description of a problem analysis
A political economic analysis of urban pest management
Assessing national urban forest structure, functions and value in the United States
A definition of the best pruning position
Arborists and insect control: Past, present, and future
The importance of honey fungus (Armillaria) in urban forestry
Urban planning and insect pest management
Soil factors related to urban sugar maple decline
Urban pest management: A conceptual framework
Decay in trees
Targets for proper tree care
Tree defects: A photo guide
Stress management for trees
Wooded area does not constitute "necessary support land" for tax assessment purposes
A new forest in Venice: the joint implementation of policy tools based on financial incentives and property rights on private land
Tree root damage to sidewalks and curbs
Ecological considerations in urban forest management
Urban wood waste recovery: Summary of conference proceedings
Urban forest and wood utilization
The public role in urban forestry
The management and administration of urban forest
Understanding urban park users: A key to effective planning and management
Private sector business analogies applied in urban forestry
Proposal for deliniation of greenbelt around Riga city in Riga's municipal forests
Urban trees and an ecological approach to urban landscape design
Preferences of Detroit residents for urban forests and forestry programs
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