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Integrated vegetation management on an electric transmission right-of-way in Pennsylvania, U.S
Nature in cities: A report and review of studies and experiments concerning ecology, wildlife and nature conservation in urban and suburban areas
A composite sampling technique to assess urban soils under roadside trees
New directions for transmission line ROW management in New York state
Small forests for small communities: A look at urban forestry activities at New Hampshire's Urban Forestry Center
Effects of amendments, soil additives, and irrigation on tree survival and growth
"During the first and second year after transplanting into good soil, there was no apparent benefit from adding amendments to the backfill soil around newly planted 5 cm (2 in.) caliper live oaks (Quercus virginiana Mill.), nor was there a benefit from applying liquid additives over the root ball.
Mulch and planting depth affect live oak (Quercus virginiana mill.) establishment
"This study was designed to evaluate the impact of several planting depths and mulch depth, particle size, and placement on tree establishment.
Attitudes and experiences of women and minorities in the urban forestry/arboriculture profession
A comparison of municipal forest benefits and costs in Modesto and Santa Monica, California, USA
Tree establishment practice in towns and cities - results from a European survey
Forests improve qualities and values of local areas in Denmark
NeighbourWoods: Identifying good practice in the design of urban woodlands
Rainfall interception by Santa Monica's municipal urban forest
Data analysis on "cool spot" effect of green canopy in urban areas
The Influence of vegetation on the urban climate
Analysis of atmospheric particles deposited onto mesquite leaves in the central Arizona - Phoenix LTER area
Adjustment of a rural boundary layer to a heated urban canopy
Educating the Urban Foresters: Proceedings of the 6th European Forum on Urban Forestry, Arnhem, The Netherlands, May 21-23, 2003
Tree moisture stress and insect damage in urban areas in relation to heat island effects
Education in urban forestry - from a Flemish point of view
Economic valuation of urban forest benefits in Finland
Educating urban foresters in Canada: past, present and future
Higher education of urban foresters in Europe: status and prospects
A study of the potential for developing a biomass fuel supply from tree management operations in London
Bacteria found on American chestnut bark and their potential in biocontrol of chestnut blight
Managing the urban forest: better do nothing!
An Analysis of green space management strategies in Metro Manila
Biology and management of the horned oak gall wasp on pin oak
How urban residents rate and rank the benefits and problems associated with trees in cities
A survey to determine the leaf nitrogen concentrations of 25 landscape tree species
Non vocational qualifications (NVQ): a lost opportunity
Dutch urban forestry: a developing profession
Ten years of educating multi-objective planning skills to foresters in Finland. Experiences and approaches
Courses for European urban foresters within the Urban Woods for People Project
A summary and forecast of demand for municipal street tree service on Staten Island, New York
British urban forestry in transition - developments between 1993-1998, Part II
Lunar rhythms in trees: traditional knowledge under a new scientific light: a contribution to an exchange at higher levels between public and urban foresters
Avian spatial segregation at edges and interiors of urban parks in Madrid, Spain
Status and potential educational role of Arboreta in Italy
The Pros and cons of distance learning as a viable means of developing the culture of life-long-learning for urban foresters
The fruit of urban nature: vital neighborhood spaces
Residents' opinions on the value of street trees depending on tree location
A study of CTLA formula values
An evaluation of the management options available for the regeneration of neglected avenues
APN1, BS5837 & PPG3 guidance for trees: conflict or complement?
Arboricultural education and qualification opportunities
Garden shows: the driving force for landscape management, urban development and industry
The Effects of progressive root removal prior to planting on shoot and root growth of Betula pendula Roth
Aggression and violence in the inner city: effects of environment via mental fatigue
Assessing the structural hetergeneity of urban areas: an example from the Black Country (UK)
The influence of intensive pruning on the phytosanitary state of trees in city streets
2001 National Urban Forest Conference proceedings: OMNI Shoreham Hotel, September 5-8, 2001, Washington, D.C
Assessing Salem's tree canopy: planning for the future
Applying modern urban forestry technology in the northern Front Range of Colorado
A review of tree root conflicts with sidewalks, curbs, and roads
Land use, scale, and bird distributions in the Phoenix metropolitan area
Factors related to tree growth across urban-rural gradients in the Midwest, USA
Sustaining urban forests
A strategy to establish trees among high-density housing
Implementation of a citywide monitoring program to base treatment decisions on Elm Leaf Beetle abundance
Identifying high-value greenspace prior to land development
GIS assessment of Munich's urban forest structure for urban planning
Brace rods for codominant stems: installation location and breaking strength
A benefit-cost analysis of ten street tree species in Modesto, California, U.S
Residential landscaping in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.: practices and preference relative to covenants, codes, and restrictions
Quantifying the aesthetic benefits of urban forestry
Public response to the urban forest in inner-city business districts
Freeway roadside management: the urban forest beyond the white line
Transplanting success of balled-and-burlapped versus bare-root trees in the urban landscape
A national assessment of the urban forest: an overview
STRATUM: Reference City Field Data Collection Protocols
Peak Power and Cooling Energy Savings of Shade Trees
Protocols for Random Sampling Municipal Tree Inventories for Growth Curve Data
Predictive Equations for Estimating Street Tree Dimensions and Leaf Area in Glendale, Arizona
A Practical Approach to Assessing Structure, Function, and Value of Street Tree Populations in Small Communities
Forest Buffer Strips: Mapping the Water Quality Benefits
Urban Greening and Social Benefits: a Study of Empowerment Outcomes
Isoprene emission capacity for US tree species
Linked Landscapes: Creating greenway corridors through conservation subdivision design strategies in the northeastern and central United States
Soil Temperatures under Urban Trees and Asphalt
Improving visual detection of growth rings of diffuse-porous hardwoods using fluorescence
The state of Canada's municipal forests - 1996 to 1998
Arboriculture Integrated Management Of Landscape Trees, Shrubs, And Vines
The Scenery Management System: The Evolution of Landscape Aesthetic Management in the U.S. Forest Service
Report on Public Health and Urban Sprawl in Ontario: A review of the pertinent literature
IPM for Gardeners: A Guide to Integrated Pest Management
Above and Beyond: Visualizing change in small towns and rural areas
The BRCC Introduction to Urban Forestry South Expo
Landscape Aesthetics (AH 701-a) - Introduction
Trees and Roadside Safety in U.S. Urban Settings
Conservation Finance Handbook
Trees of Pennsylvania: A Complete Reference Guide
White Paper: Urban Forest Inventory and Health Monitoring (UFHM)
Phosphites: Improving Tree Health & Defenses Against Ramorum Blight
Ecosystems and Human Well-being: A Framework for Assessment
Creating Collections at Urban Forestry South Expo
The Users Guide to Adding Content at UFS
Elastic Limit: Strength Properties of Living Trees
Hardiness Zones in China
Carbon dioxide reduction through urban forestry: Guidelines for professional and volunteer tree planters
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