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Trees and Planting: Getting the Roots Right

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Conference Proceedings (Entire)

Proceedings from a Professional Conference for the Green Industry held in November 2005 at Morton Arboretum.Includes thirteen papers:

  • Distinguishing Between Root System Architecture Changes and Planting Too Deep, Gary Watson and Angela Hewitt
  • A Survey of the Planting Depths in Ohio Nursery Trees, Richard Rathjens and T. Davis Sydnor
  • Nursery Tree Depth Projects, Douglas Airhart
  • Planting Depth and the Growth of Nursery Trees, Mark Jarecki, David Williams and Gary Kling
  • Planting Depth and Cultural Practices, Donita L. Bryan, Michael A. Arnold, Garry V. McDonald, W. Todd Watson, Leonardo Lombardini, Andrew D. Cartmill and Geoffrey C. Denny
  • Should Potting Depth Be A Concern with Container Grown Trees?, Donna C. Fare
  • What Happens When Container Grown Trees are Planted Deeply? An Example From Studying the Live Oak Cultivar Cathedral Oak, Edward F. Gilman and Patti Anderson
  • The Effects of Soil Depth on the Long-Term Health and Frequency of Storm Damage to Trees in the Upper Midwest, Chad Giblin, Jeff Gillman, David Hanson, Dave Hanson, Gary R. Johnson, Patrick Weicherding,
  • Effects of Planting Depth on Tree Performance in the Landscape, Christina Wells, Karen Townsend, Judy Caldwell, Don Ham, Mike Sherwood, E. Thomas Smiley
  • Buried trunks: How Deep Planting Affects Trunk Tissue, Adventitious Rooting, and Tree Growth, Susan D. Day, J. Roger Harris, and R. Jay Stipes
  • Root Collar Excavations to Improve Tree Health, E. Thomas Smiley
  • What is Found Below The Ground: The Tree’s Response to Deep Planting, Ron Zillmer and Dan Traas
  • Getting the Roots Right: The Structural Root Depth Best Management Practice, Gary Watson

G. Watson, A. Hewitt
Date Published
December 2006
Morton Arboretum
Publisher Location
Lisle, IL (US)
Biology (tree), Roots
Depth, Planting, Root collar, Roots
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