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City of Charlotte, North Carolina - Municipal Forest Resource Analysis

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Report (Research or Project)

This analysis combines results of a citywide inventory with benefit–cost modeling data to produce four types of information on the tree resource, namely, forest structure, function, value, and management needs.

Charlotte, a vibrant Southern city appreciated for its rich history and cultural wealth, maintains trees as an integral component of the urban infrastructure. Research indicates that healthy trees can lessen impacts associated with the built environment by reducing stormwater runoff, energy consumption, and air pollutants. Trees improve urban life, making Charlotte a more enjoyable place to live, work, and play, while mitigating the city’s environmental impact. Over the years, the people of Charlotte have invested millions of dollars in their municipal forest. The primary question that this study asks is whether the accrued benefits from Charlotte’s municipal forest justify the annual expenditures?

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E.G. McPherson, J.R. Simpson, P.J. Peper, S.L. Gardner, K.E. Vargas, J. Ho, S. Maco, Q. Xiao
Date Published
November 2005
USDA Forest Service
Economics/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Environmental Services, Inventory (tree)
North Carolina, Piedmont, Southeast
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