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These publications provide information about research and technology transfer activities of Center employees and our partners, including technical reports, journal articles, proceedings, theses/technical papers, and abstracts. Title, type of publication, and links to abstracts and on-line versions of the publications are provided below. We also have hardcopies of several publications you can request at no cost.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view many of these publications.

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Air Pollution Removal and Temperature Reduction by Gainesville's Urban Forest  

Periodical: University of Florida- IFAS, EDIS FOR 216

Author: Escobedo, F., Seitz, J., Zipperer, W.

An Urban Forestry Needs Assessment for Rapidly Urbanizing Florida: Assessing Community Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Urban and Urbanizing Forests    [ View Abstract ]

Author: Escobedo, F.; Northrop,R.; Seitz, J.A.

Applying Ecosystem Management to Urban Forestry    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban Forests: International Perspectives

Author: Zipperer, W.C.

Bi-parental Cytoplasmic DNA Inheritance in Wisteria (Fabaceae): Evidence from a Natural Experiment    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Plant and Cell Physiology (Oxford Journals)

Author: Goertzen, L.R.; Johnson, K.J.; Lockaby, B.G.; Trusty, J.L.

Building Successful Partnerships for Technology Transfer    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Extension Journal

Author: Martha C. Monroe, Lauren McDonell, L. Annie Hermansen-Báez, Alan J. Long, Wayne Zipperer

Carbon Sequestration and Storage by Gainesville's Urban Forest  

Periodical: University of Florida- IFAS, EDIS FOR 210

Author: Escobedo, F., Seitz, J., Zipperer, W.

Changing Roles in the Southern United States    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Forest research information paper No. 172

Author: L. Annie Hermansen-Baez

Changing Roles: WUI Professional Development Program  

Author: Hermansen-Baez; L.A.; McDonell, L.; Monroe, M.C.

Communication tools for the wildland-urban interface    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: In: 2003 National Urban Forest Conference proceedings. Washington, DC: American Forests.

Author: Monroe, M.C.

Creating a Wildfire Risk Assessment Guide for Homeowners in the Southern U.S.    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Gainesville, FL: University of Florida. 27 p. Technical Paper.

Author: Ehlers, L.A.

Culture, place and urban growth in the U.S. South    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Urban Ecosystems

Author: Johnson, C.Y.; Zipperer, W.C.

Detection of Land-Use and Land Cover Changes in Franklin, Gulf, and Liberty Counties, Florida, with Multitemporal Landsat Thematic Mapper Images    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Emerging Issues Along Urban-Rural Interfaces Proceedings

Author: Li, G.; Pan, S.

Developing an Urban Forest Management Plan for Hurricane-Prone Communities    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program Series

Author: Escobedo, F.; Northrop,R.; Zipperer, W.

Down by the riverside: urban riparian ecology    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Author: Groffman, P.M.; Bain, D.J.; Band, L.E. [and others]

Economic Benefits of Wildfire Prevention Education  

Periodical: Fire Management Today

Author: L. Annie Hermansen-Baez, Jeffrey Prestemon, David Butry, Karen Abt, and Ronda Sutphen

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