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Bi-parental Cytoplasmic DNA Inheritance in Wisteria (Fabaceae): Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Author: Goertzen, L.R.; Johnson, K.J.; Lockaby, B.G.; Trusty, J.L.
Date: 2007
Periodical: Plant and Cell Physiology (Oxford Journals)
Abstract: Cytoplasmic inheritance was investigated in interspecific hybrids of Wisteria sinensis and W. floribunda. Species-specific nuclear, mitochondrial and plastid DNA markers were identified from wild-collected plants of each species in its native range. These markers provide evidence for the bi-parental transmission of plastids in hybrid swarms of these two species in the southeastern USA. These population level molecular data corroborate previous cytological evidence of this phenomenon in Wisteria
View: Trusty_2007Cytoplasmic_DNAWisteria-1.pdf

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