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Urban and Community Forestry State Coordinator's Checklists

These documents are specific to State Coordinator's roles for a UFST deployment.

UFST Incident Response Procedures and Checklists
This document provides the State Coordinator with a brief introduction to the Urban Forest Strike Team organizational chart and a contact list template to be used for each disaster-affected municipality.
State U&CF Coordinator Storm Response Checklist
Following a natural disaster, the State Coordinator should assess the needs of all storm-impacted cities in their state. The State Coordinator and State Forester should then determine if the assistance needed can be handled using in-state resources of if an Urban Forest Strike Team should be ...
Urban Forest Strike Team Post-Disaster Rapid Tree Risk Assessment Specification
These specifications conform to ANSI A300 (Part 9)-2017 Tree Risk Assessment; a. Tree Failure and have been prepared for Urban Forest Strike Team (UFST) deployments that include natural disasters, disaster exercises, and training workshops.
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