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UFST Team Leader Resources

These checklists and resources guide the Team Leader through the pre-deployment, deployment, daily routine, and demobilization protocols for a UFST deployment response.

Team Leader Pre-Deployment Responsibilities
The Team Leader “pre-deployment checklist” includes 6 activities. Not all of these will be appropriate for all incidents and it assumes that TLs have sufficient notification before crew mobilization to accomplish these tasks. This is a critical step in mobilization and it should be a rare event ...
Team Leader Deployment Responsibilities
UFST Team Leader deployment responsibilities. This is the checklist for the pre-crew mobilization visit.
Team Leader Incident Responsibilities
This Team Leader checklist covers initial crew briefing and daily activities.
Team Leader Demobilization Responsibilities
This Team Leader checklist identifies tasks for handing over responsibilities to an in-coming TL or when the incident response is completed.
UFST Job Hazard Analysis - Template
This template can be used by the Team Leader to customize a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to be included in an Incident Action Plan (IAP).
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