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These publications provide information about research and technology transfer activities of Center employees and our partners, including technical reports, journal articles, proceedings, theses/technical papers, and abstracts. Title, type of publication, and links to abstracts and on-line versions of the publications are provided below. We also have hardcopies of several publications you can request at no cost.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view many of these publications.

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Gui Rapida de Arbustos Firewise ('Quick Guide to Firewise Shrubs' Spanish translation)  

Author: Annie Hermansen-Baez and Rachel Pawlitz, translated by Astrid Delgado

Identity of naturalised exotic Wisteria (Fabaceae) in the south-eastern United States    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Weed Research

Author: Goertzen, L.R.; Lockaby, B.G.; Trustry, J.L.; Zipperer, W.C.

InterfaceSouth: Providing Resources for a Changing Landscape    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Forest research information paper No. 172

Author: L. Annie Hermansen-Baez

Invasive Wisteria in the Southeastern United States: genetic diversity, hybridization and the role of urban centers    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Urban Ecosystems

Author: Goertzen, L.R.; Lockaby, B.G.; Trustry, J.L.; Zipperer, W.C.

Land Cover within and around El Yunque National Forest    [ View Abstract ]

Author: Tania López-Marrero and L. Annie Hermansen-Báez

Landowner Inventives for Conservation around El Yunque National Forest    [ View Abstract ]

Author: Tania López-Marrero, Marianne Meyn, and L. Annie Hermansen-Báez

Landscaping for Bushfire    [ View Abstract ]

Author: CFA (Country Fire Authority)

Mulch Flammability    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Emerging Issues Along Urban-Rural Interfaces Proceedings

Author: Long, A.; Hinton, B.; Maranghides, A.; Mell, W.; Zipperer, W.

National Kids Survey Part IV: Favorite Activities for Spending Time Outdoors    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: A RECREATION Research Report in the IRIS Series

Author: H. Ken Cordell and Gary T. Green

Perspectives on Prescribed Fire in the South: Does Ethnicity Matter?    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Southern Journal of Applied Forestry

Author: Lim, Siew Hoon, J.M. Bowker, Cassandra Y. Johnson, and H. Ken Cordell

Quantifying and ranking the flammability of ornamental shrubs in the southern United States    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: 2006 Fire Ecology and Management Congress Proceedings

Author: Long, A.; Behm, A.; Zipperer, W. [and others]

Quantifying the benefits of urban forest systems as a component of the green infrastructure stormwater treatment network    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Ecohydrology

Author: Eric Kuehler, Jon Hathaway, Andrew Tirpak

Reaching out: developing a video script for natural resource managers to use with residents in the wildland-urban interface    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Gainesville, FL: University of Florida. 50 p. Technical report.

Author: McDonell, L.

SWUI Assessment    [ View Abstract ]

Author: E.A. Macie & L.A. Hermansen-Baez

Species composition and structure of regenerated and remnant forest patches within an urban landscape    [ View Abstract ]

Periodical: Urban Ecosystems

Author: Zipperer, W.C.

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