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Green Infrastructure - An Introduction

This presentation discusses the role that sites and neighborhoods can play into the development of larger GI projects.

A presentation prepared by Dudley Hartel (Urban Forestry South) and presented by Daniel Westcot (Georgia Forestry Commission) at  the Georgia Urban Forest Council quarterly meeting on August 19th, 2010.

This presentation covers:

  • the definition of green infrastructure (GI) and describes examples;
  • the principal environmental services (the “currency” of GI)
  • green infrastructure in terms of scale (region to site);
  • the value of GI to communities, neighborhoods, and individuals;
  • how planning is a key element of successful GI projects;
  • in general terms how individuals, neighborhoods, and communities can interact tocreate GI
Date Released/Presented
Aug 19, 2010
Infrastructure (green)
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