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Urban forestry presentations that have downloadable PowerPoint or PDF copies that you may use as-is, or modify for your local community.

Urban forestry presentations may be connected with an event in the event calendar and also with the UFSe speakers database. Or they may be independent of the event calendar in which case the event and speaker details are listed in the detailed presentation description.

Better Root Systems with Gravel Beds
This presentation, given at the 2018 Georgia Urban Forest Council Annual Conference at Jekyll Island, describes the function, construction, and maintenance of a gravel bed for growing bare-root trees to be out-planted.
Urban Natural Resources as Capital Assets
Green Infrastructure - An Introduction
This presentation discusses the role that sites and neighborhoods can play into the development of larger GI projects.
Urban Tree Inventories: Moving from ideas to management
This presentation was given at the Georgia Urban Forest Council annual meeting in Rome, GA on October 31, 2007. It outlines the basics of an urban forest management plan and how tree inventories are used in the plan.
Urban Forests: Trees, forests, managament, services
A presentation to the Trees Atlanta Treekeepers volunteers & staff at the Kendeda Center.
Urban Forestry in the South: Trends and Future Opportunities
A presentation at the TreeSC Annual Conference in Charleston, SC.
Urban Forests and Infrastructure Asset Management
Presentation on the role asset management can play in the sustainable management of our urban forests.
Trees & Air Pollution
Trees & Air Pollution (Athens)
Urban Trees & Carbon (PDF)
Measuring & Managing the Urban Forest For Carbon
Resources, Research and Tools
Marketing and Communications: Tools for Repositioning Urban and Community Forestry
Many Hands Make for Light Work After a Natural Disaster - Gulf Coast Tree Assessment Project
i-Tree Vue: Assessing the Community Forest
This presentation was given in Florida at a series of three i-Tree workshops (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and St. Augustine).
i-Tree Storms: Storm Debris Assessment Tool
This was presented at a series of three i-Tree workshops (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and St. Augustine) in November 2009. This presentation was geared toward the pre-storm analysis of the Hurricane adaptation.
i-Tree for Professional Arborists
Gulf Coast Tree Assessment: 2006 Presentation to ISA
Essential Resources for Storm Preparation (PDF)
A presentation at the South Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Council's annual conference in Columbia, SC (2007)
Green Infrastructure: Opportunities for Local Communities
A PDF of a presentation to the National Community Land Trust (NCLT) Network at their 2009 conference in Athens, Georgia.
Gulf Coast Tree Assessment (USDA FS Chief's Review)
A presentation to the Chief of the USDA Forest Service and the Review Team during the 2006 review of the State & Private Forestry program in the Southern Region.
Gulf Coast Tree Assessment: A Partnership Responding to Community Needs
History and Current Status of U&CF Research
How Do We Educate Them
Carbon Credits for Communities
An opportunity or responsibility?
Bare-root Tree Planting Project in the Georgia Piedmont
An Introduction to Green Infrastructure
A short introduction to the green infrastructure concept.
Essential Resources for Storm Preparation (PPT)
A presentation at the South Carolina Urban and Community Forestry Council's annual conference in Columbia, SC (2007)
Urban Trees & Carbon (PPT)
Measuring & Managing the Urban Forest For Carbon
Greening Urban & Community Forestry in the Southern Region: The Role of Partnerships
Benefits of Urban Trees (Powerpoint)
This is a conversion of the September 2003 update of the benefits brochure (R8-FR-71) into a Powerpoint presentation. Each brochure page has been added, as an image, to the left of the slide and there is room for adding custom text to the right of each image.
Issues, Challenges and Opportunities at the Wildland-Urban Interface
Urban Forestry South Presentation to WO Review Team
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation by Importing Images
Virginia's Municipal Tree Restoration Project
The Street Tree - Utility Easement Conflict
Expanding Boundaries for Urban Forestry
A Call for a New Framework
Tree Species Suitable for Utility Lines
Storm Damage to Urban Trees
These photos show storm damage to urban trees after hurricanes and ice storms
How To Prune Trees
The Climate Protection Agreement (PDF)
Urban forestry and the US Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement.
Community Trees and Carbon Sequestration
A brief introduction into carbon offset markets for urban forest managers.
i-Tree: Calculating form, function, and value of the urban forest
This presentation was given at the Oklahoma Urban Forest Council annual conference in August 2010.
Stormwater Nutrient Reduction: Using Riparian Buffers and Upland Urban Forest Systems
This presentation was given at StormCon 2017 on August 29, 2017.
How Trees and Urban Forest Systems Affect Stormwater Runoff
This presentation was given on August 18, 2016 at the Georgia Urban Forest Council 3rd Quarterly Program centered around "Trees as Green Infrastructure".
Mock Disaster Exercises for the Urban Forest Strike Team
A report on Region 8 (USDA Forest Service) UFST mock exercises conducted in Virginia, Georgia, and Arkansas. Presented at the U&CF Coordinators winter meeting in Gulfport (MS).
GIS Data Model for Urban Tree Inventory, Management, and Research
This presentation discusses the development of a GIS data model to support urban forest management and research at GaTech that integrates i-Tree Eco ecosystem service calculations with GaTech’s existing Campus-wide database management system, standards, and protocols.
Urban and Community Forestry: Challenges
This presentation is based on an overview of the national U&CF program prepared by Jan Davis (Director Urban & Community Forestry, Washington, DC) that focuses on U&CF priorities developed collaboratively with national urban forestry partners (Vibrant Cites, President's Climate Action Plan, NUCFAC).
Urban Forests - Resiliency and Response to Natural Disasters
A short presentation to the Urban Sustainability Directors' Network (USDN).
Using Public Domain Software to Plan and Manage Stormwater Runoff
This presentation was given at the 2015 Georgia Association of Water Professionals Industrial Conference in Athens, GA March 18, 2015.
Insects of Trees
A component of the Georgia Master Gardener urban forestry training program.
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