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Trees in Bioretention

This memorandum summarizes the available knowledge on the benefits and potential conflicts with trees in one specific type of stormwater management practice: bioretention.

This study was conducted by the Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. for the Dept. of Environmental Services in Arlington County, VA to address concerns about eh impact of trees in bioretention, especially as it pertains to the effect of long-term maintenance activities on the trees.

The research questions identified for this effort included the following:

  1. What are the benefits of trees in bioretention?
  2. What are the potential problems with trees in bioretention?
  3. How have communities addressed these concerns?
Center for Watershed Protection
Date Published
September 2012
Center for Watershed Protection
Ellicott City, MD
Resource Format
Stormwater Management
green infrastructure, storm-water, xGI
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