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Urban Forest Systems and Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The purpose of this draft document is to focus on the research-based effects of trees on urban stormwater runoff, provide some helpful urban forest management strategies to maximize stormwater benefits, and demonstrate several examples around the United States where the stormwater benefits of urban trees are credited for reducing stormwater volume and pollutant loading.

Strategically planting trees and managing the forest within a city can help to mitigate some of the negative impacts that come with urban development.  A properly managed urban forest can help a municipality meet certain environmental regulations and save money through avoided costs, particularly related to stormwater runoff.

This manuscript provides a synthesis of the science around how urban trees help mitigate problems associated with stormwater runoff. Several tree crediting tools and case studies are provided to help state and local governments better account for the stormwater benefits of urban forests.

This document is intended to be a resource manual for natural resource professionals to help them better communicate with stormwater managers and engineering professionals about the science and benefits of urban trees in stormwater management.

The final, edited version of this resource will be available in early 2020.

E.A. Kuehler, J. Mawhorter
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Infrastructure (green), Urban Forest Management, Hydrology, Research (applied), Watershed Management, Water Quality/Quantity, Stormwater Management
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