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The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan

A practical guide to systematic planning and design

This 94-page, full-color booklet describes how to design streetscapes that are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing. [MWCU&CF]

"This manual has been prepared to assist decision makers such as elected officials, city foresters, city engineers, urban planners, and landscape architects with the development of a thoughtful street tree master plan. The basic intent of the manual is to replace the all too common practice of making subjective decisions during street tree design and tree selection initiatives with an objective step-by-step planning and design process. The manual employs a question and answer format that addresses relevant issues such as: community attititudes, capability of street-side environments to accommodate and sustain street tree plantings, intended functions and desired benefits, degree of species diversity, species suitability, and species selections, arrangements and assignments." [Preface]

K. Simons, G.R. Johnson
Date Published
Resource Format
Comb/Spiral Binding
Planning, Urban Forest Management, Species Selection
Northeast, Eastern, National, North Central, Mid-Atlantic, Great Plains, Midwest
Design, Design, Streetscape, Streetscape, Selection, Selection, Street tree, Street tree
MW: S-BIND-MN-07-002
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