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Talking Trees An Urban Forestry Toolkit for Local Governments

Toolkit that describes the benefits of the urban forest and outlines policy guidelines to move toward achieving a sustainable urban ecosystem.

This 8.5x11, 88-page toolkit is designed to communicate the benefits of the urban forest and provide public policy guidelines to enable municipalities to move toward achieving a sustainable urban ecosystem.  Fact sheets about carbon dioxide, energy, air quality, water quality and runoff, economics, social benefits, and planting and maintenance describe the various benefits that urban trees provide in a form that is both understandable and informative. These fact sheets are reinforced with a policy guide, three case studies, an assessment of software tools, and a protocol that will better illustrate how cities can achieve healthy urban forests.

R. Bell, J. Wheeler
Date Published
November 2006
I.C.L.E.I Local Governments for Sustainability
Oakland, CA (US)
Resource Format
Policy, Sustainability, Benefits (general/multiple)
MW: F-BKLT-CA-06-001
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