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Urban Forestry Manual (h) - Site and Tree Selection

Reference Type
Book (Chapter)

Guidelines for selecting the right planting site and tree are the focus of this unit. First, the reasons for planting a tree are discussed. Second, important factors to consider when selecting a planting site and some common types of urban planting sites are covered. Third, information is provided that will help in selecting the right tree for the site, which includes factors to consider when selecting a species and tree stock.

This unit emphasizes the importance of planning when selecting a site and tree to avoid mistakes and future costs. It will also help you communicate more effectively with people in your community about selecting planting sites and finding the best types of trees for those sites.

Date Published
USDA Forest Service
Publisher Location
Athens, GA (US)
Selection (tree), Site Evaluation/Selection, Urban Forest Management
Urban Forestry Manual, Species selection, Site requirements, UF manual, Site, Leaf characteristics
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