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Managing Ornamental Pear Cultivars

Reference Type
University Outreach Publication

Ornamental pears are exotics widely used in the warmer parts of the nation (hardiness zones 6-8) for street, park, screen and accent plantings. The compact shape, heavy foliage, fall color and stark white Spring blooms have endeared ornamental pears to landscape managers and homeowners. Most of the cultivars available and widely used are derived from the Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana), with cross-species hybrids and closely associated species also used. The genus for these pears is Pyrus, from the Latin "pirus" for pear.  There are approximately 22 species of pear around the world.

(FOR03-5) April 2003

Kim D. Coder
Date Published
School of Forest Resources University of Georgia
Publisher Location
Athens, GA
Identification, Landscape Design, Nursery, Plant Health Care, Planting, Selection (tree), Selection (tree), Species Selection
Southern (USDA FS)
Leaf characteristics, Pyrus calleryana, Pyrus, Bradford Pear, Bradford pears
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