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Autumn Leaf Colors

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University Outreach Publication

Autumn Tree Leaf Color Series

Trees have many strategies for life. Some grow fast and die young, others grow slow and live a long time. Some trees colonize new soils and new space, while other trees survive and thrive in the midst of old forests. A number of trees invest in leaves which survive several growing seasons, while other trees grow new leaves every growing season. One of the most intriguing and beautiful result of tree life strategies is autumn leaf coloration among deciduous trees.

An eco-centric human might imagine tree leaves change colors just for a visual feast. But, what we see as fall coloration is a planned passage to rest by temperate region trees avoiding the liabilities of Winter. In human terms, we are allowed to witness trees getting ready for bed to assure a Spring filled with opportunities for growth.


Dr. Kim D. Coder
Date Published
November 2007
Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, University of Georgia
Publisher Location
Athens, GA
Publication Number
Abiotic Factors, Aesthetics, Biology (tree), Landscape Ecology, Silvics, Social and Cultural Impacts, Stress & Stressors
Eastern, National, Southeast
Leaf characteristics, color change, tree color
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