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Tree Assessment Debris Cost Sheet

A cost sheet developed by the Urban Forest Strike Team (UFST) based on Tulsa, Oklahoma work with FEMA Debris Teams.

An example cost sheet developed for the City of Bixby, Oklahoma. This is one of six reports for parks assessed by UFST following the December 2007 ice storm.

This example is based on FEMA Debris Teams (Region VI in Denton, TX) in Oklahoma's eastern region and work they are doing with the City of Tulsa under the 2008 'pilot program' for debris clean-up and disaster payments.

The "Tulsa Model" is based on pre-disaster inventories and post-disaster tree assessments by experienced Certified Arborists. The UFST provided post-disaster tree assessments for tree hazard based on FEMA standards for debris removal.

A detailed (i.e. location, species, diameter, condition) pre-disaster inventory of park and street trees provides the basis for an efficient and timely post-disaster assessment to prepare FEMA cost sheets for tree removals or the removal of attached hangers.

Date Released/Presented
Feb 14, 2008
Urban Forestry South (UFST)
Dudley R. Hartel
706-559-4236 (phone)
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