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This program is a project analysis tool for use by forest managers to determine the economic performance of long-term investments. It can provide a financial analysis for any (time) series of expenses and incomes and possibly has use for developing urban forest management scenarios. [drh]

Quick-Silver Version 5.0 is a software program to evaluate the financial returns from all kinds of forest management investments. This version, a major revision of older editions, can analyze most forest investments in all regions and forest conditions.

Quick-Silver was designed to quickly figure the profitability of forest capital investments and management treatments. It has been used for project evaluations of reforestation, stand cultural treatments, harvesting alternatives, road construction, recreation developments, wildlife habitat management, and many others. Analyses may include one acre, one forest stand, or an entire forest. Analyses are based on projects which contain transactions created by the user. These describe all costs, benefits, and revenues; define investment schedules for management activities; and specify production of forest outputs. Detailed cash flows are generated from transactions and are analyzed by Quick-Silver to compute before- and after-tax financial criteria. [from program introduction M. Vasievich] 


Windows 95/98/NT/XP.

Date Released/Presented
Dec 21, 2004
USDA Forest Service
Mike Vasievich
North Central Research Station
1407 S. Harrison Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 355-7740 (phone)
Technology(non GPS or GIS)
Financial analysis
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