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WinTR-55 Hydrologic Model

"The TR-55 computer model has been revised and completely rewritten. As a windows based program, the input and editing windows are a big improvement over the DOS version. The new WinTR-55 uses the WinTR-20 program as the driving engine for more accurate analysis of the hydrology of the small watershed system being studied. A final version (including programs, sample data, and documentation) is now complete."

Date Released/Presented
Aug 02, 2004
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Dan Moore
National Water and Climate Center
101 SW Main Street, Suite 1600
Portland, OR
(503) 414-3054 (phone)
Hydrology, Water Quality/Quantity, Watershed Management
Eastern US
TR-20, Rainfall, Hydrologic model, Hydrographs, TR-55, Leaf characteristics, Single-event
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