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Landscape Scale Green Infrastructure

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A collection of current resources related to the implementation of Green Infrastructure at the landscape scale as nodes and linkages or at the watershed scale as tree canopy mitigation form TMDL compliance.

Follow this link if you are interested in resources related to GI at the site scale as stormwater runoff mitigation practices (BMPs) to meet MS4 regulations.

Model My Watershed
A watershed-modeling web app that enables citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, educators, and students to analyze real land use and soil data in their neighborhoods and watersheds, model stormwater runoff and water-quality impacts using professional-grade models, and compare how different conservation or development scenarios could modify runoff and water quality.
Evaluating and Conserving Green Infrastructure Across the Landscape: A Practitioner's Guide
This is "landscape scale" green infrastructure. The guide provides an historical overview of GI planning, as well as practical steps for implementing a GI plan in your locality
Green Infrastructure Planning Guidelines for Coastal Georgia
This guide is addressing GI at the landscape scale; with the process for identifying, prioritizing, conserving, and managing systems (e.g. wetlands, riparian zones, natural areas, working farms & forests)
Green Infastructure Guidelines (Coastal Georgia)
This web page has links to the Green Infrastructure Guidelines for Coastal Georgia (a Story Map) and the Green Infrastructure Planning Tools
Watershed Management, Infrastructure (green)
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