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Newborn, GA: STRATUM Complete Street Tree Inventory
Data Resources to Support Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery
Local and regional disaster planners and their partners should investigate the spatial datasets created and distributed by the Department of Homeland Security ...
GIS Tools and Domains for Urban Forestry
A handout for the 10th Southern Forestry and Natural Resource Management GIS Conference, December 7-8, 2015, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Athens ...
UFST: Data Processing Attributes
All feature layer attributes in either an ArcMap Map Document or an ArcGIS Pro Project that are published to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) as a hosted feature layer ...
UFST: ArcGIS Setup, Processing, and Reporting
This manual outlines steps needed for the setup, processing, and reporting of Urban Forest Strike Team (UFST) data collected through ESRI Collector and ArcGIS ...
Analysis of urban forest landscape pattern in Hefei
A Method to Estimate City Street Tree Population Using Gis to Determine Optimum Sample Size
Mapping Forest Hurricane Damage Using Automated Feature Extraction
Proceedings of the 5th Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference
University of California Davis Campus Tree Resource Analysis
Using GIS to Assess Urban Tree Canopy Benefits and Surrounding Greenspace Distributions
Urban Tree Canopy and Disaster Mitigation
A one page factsheet that provides an overview of UTC assessments and uses and a more detailed discussion of using UTC for disaster planning and mitigation in ...
Modelling recreational visits to forests and nature areas
Recreation in urban forests: monitoring specific user groups and identifying their needs with video and GIS-support
UFST: Required Data Entry in Collector
All feature layer attributes in either an ArcMap Map Document or an ArcGIS Pro Project that are published to ArcGIS Online (AGOL) as a hosted feature layer for ...
UFST: AGOL Databases XML
An XML file for UFST ArcGIS online databases.
People are changing the environment more rapidly than ever before in the history of humanity. The SILVIS lab examines these changes at broad spatial scales.
Mapping variable-width streamside management zones for water quality protection
Are urban green spaces optimally distributed to act as places for social integration?
A Hybrid Spatio-Temporal Data Model and Structure (HST-DMS) for Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Land Use Information
Classification of American Cities by Ecoregion
Landscape changes of Rome through tree-lined roads
This folder contains GIS information related to Strike Team deployments
Editing Hosted Feature Layers
Hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online (AGOL) can be opened in either ArcMap v10.5.1 or ArcGIS Pro v2.2.3 and edited locally (i.e. on your desktop). Edits can ...
UFST AGOL File Geodatabase Master Collector XML
An XML file for creating/editing the UFST ArcGIS File Geodatabase for Collector app.
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