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Expansion of Urban Land Cover around El Yunque National Forest

Author: Tania López-Marrero and L. Annie Hermansen-Báez
Date: 2010
Link: /el-yunque/fact-sheets/El%20Yunque%20FS2%20English%20final.pdf
Abstract: Urban expansion alters forest processes and functions by fragmenting the landscape, modifying hydrologic systems, and altering nutrient cycles, among other effects. Urban expansion also alters forest processes and functions by removing forest cover. Together these changes modify the benefits and services provided by forests. Stakeholders (scientists, forest managers, municipal planners, and community members) who participated in a series of focus groups in a recent study identified urban expansion as one of the main factors affecting El Yunque National Forest and its ecosystem services see “Participatory Listing, Ranking, and Scoring of Ecosystem Services and Drivers of Change”, another publication within the “El Yunque Ecosystem Services” series for more information). This information presents trends in urban expansion from 1998 to 2010 in the eight municipalities that have a portion of El Yunque National Forest (El Yunque) lands within their boundaries. This information can help forest managers, municipal and land use planners, and policymakers with urban land-use planning and decision making around El Yunque.

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