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[MS] Mississippi Urban and Community Forestry Strategic Action Plan (2005-2010)

Goal: To insure a sustainable urban and community forest for the future of Mississippi. A sustainable forest can be defined as one which meets both the biological needs of the forest ecosystem and the economic and social needs of our citizenry.

The urban forest can be defined as the trees and associated vegetation in and around the places where we live, work, and play. Urban forestry is the management and protection of the urban forest for the benefits provided to people and away from the problems inherent in having trees in urban spaces.


  • Increase awareness of the importance of trees and urban forest management in the urban environment.
  • Work to insure a healthy urban environment and livable cities in Mississippi through urban forest management.
  • Provide education and training opportunities to urban forest managers, tree care providers, consultants, foresters, and volunteers on urban and community forest management and proper tree care.
  • Develop self sustaining urban and community forestry programs at the local, area and state levels.
  • Increase technical expertise in urban and community forestry.
  • Encourage partnerships in support of urban and community forestry in Mississippi.
  • Seek Funding Opportunities for implementing Urban and Community Forestry Programs in the State.
R. Olson (Editor)
Date Published
January 2005
Mississippi Forestry Commission
Jackson, MS (US)
State U&CF Coordinators, State U&CF Program, U&CF Program Development
Strategic plan, 5 year plan
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