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[AR] Arkansas Urban Forestry Council Strategic Plan (2004-2009)

This plan for the Arkansas U&CF program identifies seven objectives with strategies and tactics:

  • The members will value their association and use it to increase their knowledge of community forests.
  • The Council will develop active members and a financially strong organization.
  • The Council is recognized as an AFC partner for program planning and technical assistance to facilitate education on community tree management for all Arkansans.
  • The Council will identify potential partners in local communities that share our values and work with in partnership to create community forestry plans.
  • Community leaders will understand the importance of tree conservation and adopt practices that lead to the proper management of their community forest.
  • Public policy will be developed that will contribute to the proper management and improvement of Arkansas community forests
  • Government entities will develop and implement procedures, local ordinances and laws that conserve community forests.
P. Erwin (Editor)
Date Published
October 2004
Arkansas Urban Forestry Council
State U&CF Coordinators, State U&CF Program, U&CF Program Development, Urban Forest Council
Strategic plan, Urban Forest Council, NGO, 5 year plan
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