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[AL] Urban & Community Forestry: Alabama's Five-Year Strategic Plan (2001-2005)

"In 1994, Alabama produced a Five-Year Urban Forestry Assessment and Strategic Plan. This landmark document represented the first attempt to create a statewide urban and community forestry program focus. While the plan was initially done to satisfy a USDA Forest Service (FS) requirement to receive federal funds, it set the tone for a statewide vision that continues today.

Accomplishments from this original plan included the creation of a state urban forestry partnership (Issue 1), the growth of Auburn University’s role in urban forestry research, teaching, and extension (Issue 4), an increase in the quality of the arboricultural profession (Issue 5), the growth in private sector opportunities (Issue 6), increased support for Alabama Urban Forestry Association (AUFA) capacity building (Issue 7), and the increase in city foresters and related municipal professionals (Issue 8).

In 1999, steps were made to revise the state’s strategic plan in accordance with FS funding assistance requirements. The lengthy process has been inclusive, and the results set a clear vision for the progress the state wants its urban and community forestry program to have made by 2005. The Alabama Urban Forestry Partnership developed the plan with input from a variety of other groups and stakeholders. Under the leadership of the AUFA, Dale Brown & Associates facilitated a planning session in Sterrett, Alabama. Participants represented city foresters, government officials, private sector professionals, university officials, and interested citizens. The Urban Forestry Partnership’s Executive Committee assigned its Technical Committee the task of using the Sterrett report as a working document to develop strategic goals and implementation action statements."

N. Letson (Editor)
Date Published
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Auburn, AL (US)
State U&CF Coordinators, State U&CF Program, U&CF Program Development, Urban Forest Council
Strategic plan, Five year plan, NGO, Urban forest council, 5 year plan
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