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Engaging the Hispanic Community in Urban Forestry (13-DG-11132540-412)

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There is compelling evidence that urban forests are extremely important to the economic, environmental, and social health of cities but that low income, urban populations are among the most deprived groups in terms of access to forests and trees. Hispanic populations, which are concentrated in underserved neighborhoods in many US cities, face unique linguistic and cultural obstacles to accessing urban forests and green spaces. This project unites the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA) and the Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) in a two pronged, Spanish-language awareness and education campaign to engage Hispanic communities in experiencing the benefits and supporting the growth of urban forests. HCN will create a national campaign with branded messaging, radio spots for HCN’s national network of 250 Spanish language stations and social media strategies. NEEF and NRPA will partner with local organizations in Los Angeles and Houston to promote community level engagement activities for Hispanics that build off existing urban forestry initiatives and will use HCN messages to enlist community support. Findings and best practices from this project will be disseminated through NEEF, NRPA, and HCN national networks and other stakeholders to promote nationwide replication.

Franca Brilliant
National Environmental Education Foundation
4301 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 160
Washington, DC 20008
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Total Project Cost
$ 452,320
Federal Share
$ 169,043
Grantee Share
$ 283,278
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Urban Forestry and Community Engagement
District of Columbia
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