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Big Trees = Big Value (04-DG-111244225-443)

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This project focused on enhancing the accessibility and relevance of the National Register of big trees and to help the general public understand the value of urban and rural forests.

American Forests, Davey Tree Expert Company, and Virginia Tech partnered to enhance the accessibility and relevance of the National Register of Big Trees to communicate the values of urban and rural forests. The Register lists the National Champion trees- the largest of their species- for all native and naturalized species in the United States. Big Trees hold tremendous value to communicate the benefits of trees in cities and towns. This two-year project involved a committee of experts and included an interactive website, online database, criteria for tree species eligibility and measurement standards, and a national training forum for Big Tree Coordinators.

Project main objectives:

•To develop and enhance the Big Tree Database online.

Partnered with Virginia Tech, American Forests worked to enhance the Big Tree Database online to show the ecosystem services our trees and forests provide. Connecting our nation's national champions and their natural capitol to the public.

•To update the National List of eligible native and naturalized tree species.

American Forests consults Little's guide of native and naturalized trees when determining species qualified for the national register. Partnering with Virginia Tech and other experts American Forests worked to update this list and modify species according to current sources. A new process was also developed to make additions to the species list.

•To standardize measurements for big tree nominators.

Gangloff, Deborah
(202) 737-1944 ext. 232
American Forests
P.O. Box 2000
Washington, DC 20013
Total Project Cost
$ 367,440
Federal Share
$ 79,200
Grantee Share
$ 288,240
Year of Award
Year of Expiration
FS Manager
Phil Rodbell
USDA Forest Service - NA
11 Campus Blvd, Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073
(610) 557-4133
Grant Categories
U&CF Program Development
District of Columbia
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