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Draft FY 2008-2013 Strategic Plan for Tulsa Tree Advisory Committee

The Tulsa Tree Oversight Committee began development of a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Strategic Plan in May 2006 and completed the plan in December 2006

Related work plans will be developed in early 2007 to accomplish the goals identified in the strategic plan to transform Tulsa's urban forest through a forestry initiative that enables Tulsa to maintain and enhounce its beauty while integration highly reliable electric service with improved public safety and increased community awareness. The BSC is the strategic vision and includes the five-year goals and action plan proposed to deal with the issues identified under each goal.

City of Tulsa Tree Oversight Committee
Evaluated By
Eric Kuehler
Cason Carter
City Councilor
918-596-1929 (phone)
Strategic Plans, Urban Forest Management
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