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Tales from Urban Forests

This link provides a downloadable radio series on how trees are impacting cities

The contents of this link include:

The public green and the poor - Numerous times in American history, reformers have sought to help the poor by putting them amidst nature -- the belief being that physical beauty can make beautiful people. Go back to a time in our past when nature was used to uplift the poor.

The urban forest healing center - Researchers are discovering that a pleasurable walk among trees and green space can calm an active child, refresh a tired mind, and make all of us feel better. Take some time to explore the restorative power of trees.

Watershed 263 - An urban project in Baltimore, Maryland where scientists, city officials, and community organizations have joined forces to regreen neighborhoods in the inner city to improve stormwater runoff, and the quality of life for the residents.

Code Green - Code Green explores the impact that hurricanes have on urban greencover, from integrating trees and wetlands into a city's infrastructure and disaster plan, to post-hurricane damage assessment of city trees and coastal marshes, to recovery and rebuilding.

Cities of the Plain - Urban forests in desert settings -- no, this is not about transferring Central Park to L.A. Arid environments have their own "green" cover, and cities destroy and ignore that vegetation to their peril. Veteran producer Bill Drummond travels out West from mountains to shore to ask: when are trees beneficial and when are they not?

Every Tree Tells a Story - Urban forests provide economic, social and cultural value to neighborhoods and cities. But what are the needs and expectations different ethnic and racial groups have for green space? And how does understanding those needs draw tighter communities? Producer Judith Kampfner compares the cities of New York and London, and the approach new and old ethnic racial and immigrant groups have towards green space.

Tales from Urban Forests

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