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Project BudBurst

This national (US) field campaign targets native tree and flower species across the country.

"The ultimate goal of Project BudBurst is to have citizen-scientists observe the first day of phenological events of common trees and flowers. Phenology is the study of the timing of life cycle events in plants and animals. These events include:

Budburst/First Leaf: Reportthe date at which the first leaves are completely unfolded from thebud. For trees or large shrubs you will want to make sure there are atleast three places on the tree or shrub where budburst has occurred. The leaves need to be opened completely and the leaf stem or leaf basemust be visible (you might need to bend the new leaf backwards in orderto see those). For conifers record when the new needles have expandedbeyond the length of the bud scales.

Full Leaf: Reportthe date when nearly all (at least 95%) of the growing leaf buds havealready reached the completely unfolded stage described above(Budburst/First Leaf). For conifers record when the needles first reachthe length of the other mature needles.

First Flower:Report the date at which the first flowers are completely open. Youmust be able to see the stamens among the unfolded petals. For herbs(non-woody plants), look for the date when the first flowers of onepatch are blooming. For trees or large shrubs you will want to makesure there are blooms on at least three places on the tree or shrub. In case of Hazel, Alder or Pine trees (or other conifers), look for thedate when they start releasing the powdery, yellow pollen from theircones or catkins (cone-like flower clusters).

Full Flower: Reportthe date when 50% of the flowers are fully opened. Note that some treesand shrubs, especially in southern areas never reach full flowering(never have 50% of flowers open at one time). For these plants justrecord first flower and last flower. For conifers record when 50% ofthe branches (with cones) have pollen.

End Flower: Reportthe date when at least 95% of the flowers have withered, dried up, ordied. For conifers record when 95% of the branches with male cones nolonger are dispersing pollen.

Seed or Fruit Dispersal:Report the date when you notice the first fruits or seeds droppingnaturally from the plant. For conifers record when the cones turn brownand the scales expand (seeds should start dispersing shortlythereafter)."

Project BudBurst

Biology (tree), Phenology
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