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Polluted Urban Runoff: A Source of Concern

This publication summarizes the source and contents of urban stormwater pollutants and offers a brief explanation as to how to prevent these pollutants from being released.

When rain falls or snow melts, the runoff washes pollutants off our streets, parking lots, construction sites, industrial storage yards, and lawns. Urban runoff carries a mixture of pollutants from our cars and trucks, outdoor storage piles, muddy construction sites and pesticide spills. Efficient systems of ditches, gutters and storm sewers carry the polluted runoff to nearby lakes and streams, bypassing wastewater treatment systems. One way of cleaning up polluted urban runoff is to install stormwater treatment facilities. Another less expensive method is to keep pollutants out of runoff. The potential payoff from better land management practices is high, promising healthier waters, quality water recreation close to home and riverfront development possibilities. (from publication)

Polluted Urban Runoff: A Source of Concern

Water Quality/Quantity, Stormwater Management, Stormwater Utilities
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