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Healthy Development Measurement Tool

"The Healthy Development Measurement Tool is organized around seven elements that comprise a “Healthy City".  These elements include environmental stewardship; sustainable and safe transportation; public safety; public infrastructure; adequate and healthy housing; health economy; and, community participation.  Healthy Development Measurement Tool elements are further organized by:  27 community health objectives that, if achieved, would result in greater and more equitable health assets and resources; Health-based rationales that describe the nexus between the objectives and public health; Over 120 measurable indicators and data to help evaluate progress towards the objectives and evaluate the benefits of projects, plans, and policies; Numerous development targets that, if achieved by a project or plan, are a proxy for improvement of an indicator; Policy and design strategies to support the achievement of development targets and that ultimately support overall public health promotion." [from Livability Listserve April 18, 2007 CDC]The Environmental Stewardship element has five objectives. The objective to "Restore, preserve and protect healthy natural habitats" (Objective ES.2) includes six indicators:

Miles of shoreline

Parks and open space with natural areas

Acres of publicly accessible open space

Percentage of tree canopy coverage

Proportion of impervious surfaces

Proportion of buildings with green roofs

Where applicable, objectives and indicators are tied to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ .

Healthy Development Measurement Tool

Health (human), Sustainable Development
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