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Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Investigate the research, projects, and publications that are being produced by the Gund Institute regarding ecological economy.

The Gund Institute is located on the campus of the University of Vermont. It is working toward developing, testing, and implementing innovative methods and models that reflect the need to integrate the social, built, natural, and human capital components of our world.

Ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field of study that broadly examines the relationships between ecological and economic systems. It differs from both conventional economics and ecology by emphasizing environment-economy interactions. It is based on the assumption that the economy is a subsystem of a larger ecological life support system.

Understanding this relationship is central to meet humanity's current environmental challenges and toward building a sustainable future. Ecological economists strive for an ecologically sustainable, socially equitable, and economically efficient future. [from "About Us/History" section of website]

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

Ecological Linkages, Ecology, Ecosystem Management, Environmental Services
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