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European Urban Forestry Research & Information Center (EUFORIC)

This center promotes the development and further research of urban forestry in Europe. Primary among its goals is to strengthen the network of urban foresters in Europe. To accomplish this, EUFORIC promotes research and collaboration among urban foresters and use of this research to influence policy decisions in Europe. On going EUFORIC research projects include BUGS (Benefits of Urban Greenspace), Urban Woods for People, and Neighborwoods. [J. Gill 2007]

Also see an alternate EUFORIC website that lists past and future conferences with links to abstracts and proceedings.

Danish Centre for Forest Landscape and Planning, University of Copengagen (KU)

European Urban Forestry Research & Information Center (EUFORIC)

Research (applied), Research (basic), Technology Transfer, Urban Forest Management, Arboricultural Profession
Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Western Europe, United Kingdom
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