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An Open Source (GPL) GIS project of the Regional Council for Infrastructures and Transportation (CIT) in Valencia, Spain.

"gvSIG is a tool oriented to manage geographic information (GIS). It is characterized by a user-friendly interface, with a quick access to the most usual raster and vector formats. In the same view it includes local as well as remote data." [from website]

This GIS is a well documented and supported program that in includes course material and tutorials in addition to the users' manual. It supports multiple views (dataframes in ArcGIS) in a project and on a map, and multiple maps (layouts in ArcView) per view. Extensions for 3D, LIDAR, and raster support are under development. A mobile (Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 2003 CE) version is also under development.

Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Downloads in Spanish and English; training material in Spanish, Italian and German.

A new test version of gvSIG (v1.9 alpha) has been released for review and will become gvSIG v2.0 when finalized. This new version will be a radical rewrite of the software and includes major feature improvements and additions.


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