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Council for US Landcare Initiative

"US Landcare is a private-public partnership between people who work the land, communities, businesses and governments that seeks to strengthen our nation's ability to conserve natural resources, enhance profitability, and cultivate and expand a community conservation ethic.

"The Landcare movement began in 1986 when a group of Australian farmers teamed up with local conservationists to find solutions to common environmental concerns. This community conservation movement has now expanded to 12 nations around the globe, with over 4,000 Landcare groups participating in community-based natural resource management projects.

"US Landcare will build upon our nation's current conservation and environmental infrastructure to promote public participation in a conservation ethic spanning the interrelated urban, suburban and rural environments. Landcare will also facilitate local partnership projects, connecting existing and new efforts across the nation." [from website]

Council for US Landcare Initiative

Sustainability, Landuse
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