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Calgary Urban Forestry

"The City of Calgary Parks, Urban Forestry section is the mandated steward of all trees growing on land owned by the City of Calgary. The urban forest is another critical means of preserving and protecting the natural environment and, in particular, helping to improve the air quality in the city. It includes trees and understory vegetation found in parks, river valleys, streets and roadways, as well as trees growing on private lands. There are over 335,000 trees in Calgary's groomed parks and boulevards and are valued at $335,000,000. The value of individual trees ranges from $300 to over $30,000. There are several million more trees in Natural Areas. The Weaselhead has 3,000,000 trees alone. A healthy, viable urban forest in Calgary's parks and other public open spaces is supported through pruning, watering, fertilizing and disease and insect control; removal of dead or hazardous trees; replacement of trees removed or severely damaged; and education and information programs in urban forestry."

Calgary Urban Forestry

Air Quality/Pollution, Urban Forest Management
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