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Calgary Dutch Elm Disease

A link to the City of Calgary's Dutch Elm Disease information page. Alberta is currently DED free and the city's public education and IPM programs are designed to maintain the staus quo! "Alberta is one of the last geographic areas in North America free of DED. The province does not have native elms, however hundreds of thousands of elm trees worth millions of dollars have been planted in Alberta cities, towns and rural landscapes and shelterbelts. The elm has been the preferred tree to plant, not only for their stately beauty, but also for the trees' impressive list of useful properties. It grows fast on a wide variety of soils, is easily transplanted, and has good regenerative capacity. Elm trees live longer (several hundreds of years) and are more disease resistant (with exception of DED) than other varieties of trees able to grow in Alberta. The elm tree is one of the few that can survive the extreme climate conditions in Alberta."

Calgary Dutch Elm Disease

Disease, Insects
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