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Austin Climate Protection Program

The City of Austin, TX Climate Protection Program website outlines the City's commitment to making Austin the leading city in the nation in the fight against climate change. It provides information to its citizens regarding ways they can reduce carbon emissions.

In February 2007, the City Council passed a resolution that directed the City to begin taking action in a variety of areas. The five main components of the Plan are listed below.

Municipal Plan - Make all City of Austin facilities, vehicles, and operations carbon-neutral by 2020.

Utility Plan - Expand conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy programs to reduce Austin Energy’s carbon footprint; cap carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants; and make any new electricity generation carbon-neutral.

Homes and Buildings - Update building codes for new buildings to be the most energy-efficient in the nation, pursue energy efficiency upgrades for existing buildings, and enhance Austin Energy’s Green Building program.

Community Plan - Engage Austin citizens, community groups, and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community.

"Go Neutral" Plan - Provide tools and resources for citizens, businesses, organizations, and visitors to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

Austin Climate Protection Program

Carbon, Education Programs (Public), Energy Conservation, Ordinances/Regulation, Resource Conservation/Preservation
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