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Assessment and Management of Hurricane Damaged Timberland

"The 2004 hurricanes damaged timberland from one end of Florida to the other. When hurricane- or tropical storm-force winds rip through forestland, the remaining twisted, broken and damaged timber is no longer the same merchantable product as it was before the storm. In addition to timber value and infrastructure losses, many forest landowners are also concerned about potential problems, such as bark beetles and wildfire, which may add to their woes in coming months. Every year, southern timberland is damaged by hurricanes, ice storms, or tornados somewhere in the region. In response, a variety of information sources have been developed to address the many issues associated with such damage. This fact sheet summarizes information and guidelines from these sources, with a focus on Florida. It provides guidance to forestland owners for assessing severe storm damage, handling salvage operations and timber sales, minimizing potential impacts of other disasters after the storm, dealing with financial issues such as income tax casualty losses, and altering management plans. The references listed at the end may provide landowners with additional information relevant to their particular situation." [from Website Introduction]

Assessment and Management of Hurricane Damaged Timberland

Appraisal and Valuation, Storms
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