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Trees Clean Air

"[T]he official website of the project Building the Case for Urban Tree Canopy Cover Inclusion in State Implementation Plans (SIPs). On this website are documents critical to 1) understanding the link between trees and air quality and 2) navigating the state air quality improvement planning process.

"The topic is serious. Almost half of all Americans live in areas that do not meet national air quality standards. In these areas, the ambient air contains enough pollutants to affect residents’ health. Exposure to persistent ground-level ozone (smog) and particle pollution has been tied to rising rates of heart disease, lung cancer, and childhood asthma.

"The creation and preservation of tree canopy is an innovative strategy being proposed to improve urban air quality and thus help to meet Clean Air Act standards. This project provides a resource center for materials concerning the rationale and process of incorporating urban tree planting into SIPs. It also aims to foster the dialogue between policy makers, air quality regulators, foresters, individuals and organizations interested in air quality improvement and community forestry." [from website]

This website targets 3 audiences; the general public, policy makers and researchers. Resources include: articles, factsheets, links, presentations, case studies, law & guidance, models, and studies. [SCUFRI]

Trees Clean Air

Air Quality/Pollution
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